For this project, I was tasked with designing an interactive transit map; taking a traditional map and simplifying it into a user friendly experience making it easier for people to locate different routes.

How I chose to solve this issue was to break the map up into northern routes and southern routes. The northern routes coming from the top to meet in the center at the transit center, and the southern routes coming from the bottom to meet in the center at the transit center. If I was able to take this design and device into production, I would create another guide for eastern and western routes and set up that guide nearby.

Tools Used: 
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Guide in use

Final Design

Each street/route number is written out for colorblind accessibility but is also color coded to separate each street, which corresponds with the time the bus will arrive at the stop in the legend at the bottom. For example, if you select the route 16 line from above, the legend at the bottom will display where each stop will be made and at what time. At 7:30, route 16 will be at the transit center, at 7:37 route 16 will be at Esplanade and 5th Ave, so on and so forth.

Route Selection


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