I was tasked to design a brand identity and app design for LetMask, a newly established Mask Manufacturer in the Silicon Valley Region. LetMask aims to use technology as an additional way consumers can purchase masks for their protection, and eliminate the risk of exposing oneself by going to the store to get masks in the first place. 

How I chose to tackle this project was to craft a monogram consisting of an L and M. I wanted to design a logo that had a sense of structure, stability, and security to it due to the nature of the industry this company is in. This is an industry that needs reliability first when it comes to the production of masks; a product that people can believe in and know they are protected when using a LetMask. Limiting it to minimal shapes and lines to be easily digestible by potential consumers, while remaining distinguishable from the competition were some of the important objectives.
Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
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