For this project I wanted to create a concept for a much needed desktop client for the app Instagram. The convenience of a desktop client would be a tremendous help to tons of influencers, designers, artists, photographers, and everyone to be honest. So I took it upon myself to design what I think would be a simple, minimal, and effective desktop client.

I chose to tackle this project by first designing what would be a login page, something you typically see in a desktop client. I wanted to create something that was modern and had a classy feeling to it so I added a parallax effect to the mountains upon clicking the login button. Next I started looking at the Instagram browser version, and sought out ways to optimize the main scrolling page to fill up as much screen real estate as possible. I then proceeded to Adobe Illustrator to do some “Sketches” essentially, and start laying out some basic shapes. I then proceeded to Invision Studio to flesh out the rest of the prototype.

Tools Used: 
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Invision Studio

Instagram desktop client concept

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